6 Ways to Prepare for Your Business Portrait

Portrait Blog Image E1549935718143If you’re currently looking to get your corporate portraits taken then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve just put together our 6 top tips on how you can prepare for your portrait photo:

  1. Pick the right photographer – This might seem silly at first but consider this: you don’t want an inexperienced photographer on the job, this could end up costing you time and money and end up with an unsatisfactory end result. In addition to your photographer having great skills and experience you also want to pick a photographer you feel comfortable with, so your photos end up looking natural and relaxed.
  2. Pick a location – Onsite or in the studio! If you are planning to do your portraits at your workplace then perhaps consider what will show up in the background. If you’re unsure if onsite will work for you then call your potential photographer for a quick chat about what might be best for you and your photo goals. Also, if you decide to do portraits at the photography studio you can be confident that they have the right backdrops and lighting readily available to go making for a professional and seamless experience.
  3. Use an express service – This is a no-brainer for those business men and women who are on a mission to take over the world one client at a time. Ensure you get a photographer who can deliver you top notch quality photography in 15 minutes – you’ll be in and out in no time and back to kicking goals.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing – Note that solid colours (perhaps other than white) photograph extremely well, less so than that of patterns or stripes. If you’re not sure what will work well then take a couple of different coloured tops so you can switch over if it doesn’t work well. If you’re coming in for a corporate portrait then make sure you dress professionally or in a way that depicts your character or company’s brand. Dress as if you were meeting a new client for the first time.
  5. Appearance – Make sure to brush your hair or at least bring a brush, good quality portrait studios will have onsite facilities in which you can scrub up prior to your 15 mins of fame. Don’t overdo your makeup and if you usually wear glasses then wear them! Don’t try to look like someone you’re not. Looking like yourself will yield the best results with your clients feeling comfortable and at ease.
  6. Bring a smile – Smiling is a proven way to get clients to like, trust and buy from you. However, telling someone to SMILE is one of the fastest ways to annoy someone off. So, make sure to bring a smile with you to your appointment 😉

We hope you find this article useful and by no means are these the be all and end all of ways to prepare for a portrait photo, but these are definitely some of the most important considerations. We highly suggest having a chat with your corporate photographer and asking them if there is anything else you need to do before your appointment.

Here at Blue Tree Studios we love taking headshots, so if you have any questions about your upcoming portrait photo please call us today on (03) 9024 9958.