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Educate, inspire and drive real behavioural change with training videos. Are your customers unsure what your product or service does or how to use your it effectively? Do you want to inspire people to take action? Our training videos combine the important information you need to get across with a compelling visual approach. People learn more effectively when they're engaged, and most importantly, they retain that information.

These are brilliant. Thank you so much. I really appreciated all your work , they’ve come up beautifully and are a very important (and timely) pause for reflection for the industry.

Claire Dellora, Digital Communications Specialist, SuperFriend

Video Case Studies

Staff Training Video

Created as a resource to help inform and train retail staff in pharmacies where the Archline product is sold. It explains the benefits of the product as an always available aid to frontline staff in retail environments.

Customer Installation Video

Created as a series of support resources to assist in the correct installation of kid’s car seats. Due to the safety issues surrounding incorrect installation, this was a vital resource for customers and reduced the call volume to call centre staff.

Training Course Videos

Created as a full suite of online training courses to complement their modelling course. This involved filming and editing content for over 60 separate chapters in 8 modules with over ten hours of engaging and creative content.

Videos of Any Size

From a 30 second high impact promotion to a series of 10 x 5 minute instructional videos, we're only limited by you. Have tricky technical specifications? Just speak to us, we can help!

Experienced Team

Our creative video team will help you through all the steps - scripting, pre-production, voiceovers, music selection and editing, we'll make the process simple and efficient.

Production Team

The Blue Tree Studios team of producers, stylists, hair/makeup artists and models means we can assist you in bringing together any concept, either in studio or on location.

Quality Equipment

Utilising the most up-to-date equipment, Blue Tree Studios ensures the highest quality output for your campaign or project, with a fast turnaround and exceptional attention to detail.

Dedicated Studio Space

Our studio space is flexible and client friendly, with heating and air-conditioning, beautiful natural light, roller door access, all day free parking, full privacy and great coffee.

Get Flexible Licencing

Blue Tree Studios wants you to use your video as much as possible and provide you with a flexible agreement, allowing you to use them in nearly any way you like for as long as you like.

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