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Whether your business has a product offering or a service, visual communication is a key element to engaging with your customers, clients and audience. Depending on the size and resources of your company, people will connect visually with your brand in a physical sense and also digitally. Photography is a large part of your visual identity and will contribute significantly to the impression people will make when viewing your marketing material, whether that’s in print or web. We strive for authentic and dynamic imagery that will help drive your customers to action.

Blue Tree Studios corporate lifestyle photography photoshoots are executed efficiently with clear yet versatile intentions. As they often involve your staff and real people, we will help you with direction, styling, and posing to ensure your imagery is authentic and relatable. We work with your team to choose the best images so that the lifestyle photography communicates the correct message to your audience on your various platforms. Our professional photography team will create a suite of images that highlight your services, people, places, and products.

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How to plan a corporate lifestyle photoshoot.

The key to a great corporate lifestyle photoshoot is in the planning. We want to work within your budget and create quality photos that are versatile with your design. Photography that shows diversity of services, people and locations. We always have a few questions before we start so we know how to plan and deliver a success photoshoot.

Where are the images going to be used and what effect would you like them to have?

What other design considerations are there for the end result?

Do we need to collaborate with your external designers as well as your internal team?

How many services, people and locations would you like to showcase, and are there weather, timing or personal factors to consider when planning for efficiency?

Do we scale the photoshoot to fit the budget, or set a budget once we know the scope of the project? .

How do we collaborate for a corporate lifestyle photoshoot

A corporate lifestyle photoshoot is tailored for each business and can be as small as a single setup with 1 person with 1-2 final images. The photoshoot could also be an ongoing project with a strategic plan to capture your business and its services over a longer timeframe that incorporates different people, locations and specialised projects or services. We have a solution for every business, and we strive to understand your culture and branding to achieve great visual goals for your business.

Each business has a different story to tell, and we are the visual storytellers.

Where can images from a corporate lifestyle photoshoot be used?

Annual Reports


Magazine Ads

Bill Boards


Point of Sale

Web Ads


Social Media

Blue Tree Studios have provided corporate photography for our staff for a number of years and our staff have really enjoyed their experience each time.

Melinda Pantelis | Office Manager | Performance Wealth Group

Our Corporate Lifestyle

& Culture Photography

black and white photo of bearded man with tattoo and blonde woman at desk with bicycle in background
two women architects discussing seated a desk for corporate lifestyle photography
Close up portrait of young blonde woman at desk with computer screens for workplace photography
two men working over desk with yellow architecture paper for lifestyle photography photoshoot
two hands with pens making notes over drawings and plans with yellow architecture paper
lawyer and barrister walking into courtroom building in Melbourne for branding photography
Older women with asian man looking at vibrant screen posing for corporate photography
three people team meeting in breakout space with computers and phone
four people consulting in breakout space with computer and notebook for workplace photography
open workspace photography with meetings and discussion
row of people at long table in board meeting posing for corporate photography
woman holding papers and pen in green meeting room for corporate photography shoot
blonde woman in yellow meeting room with glasses in hand for workplace photography
3 people silouette against screen with graphic world map in blue
woman with glasses in green blouse holding a mug and papers posing for corporate branding photography
four people in boardroom setting listening to woman writing on whiteboard posing for workplace photography
large group in boardroom with city views and orange chairs posing for photoshoot
sikh man with older woman and african woman in boardroom looking at presentation posing for boardroom photography
african woman in grey suit explaining to colleagues in boardroom posing for workplace photoraphy
two male lawyers in boardroom with city views with clients posing for boardroom photography
office with city views and people walking buy in blurred photography
lawyers presenting in boardroom with lectern posing for workplace photography
Asian lawyer reading a book in moveable storage unit posing for branding photography
African woman in red blouse smiling off camera posing for corporate branding photography
black and white photo of lawyer with umbrella walking down stairs with compendium posing for photo
blonde woman in pink blouse presenting to boardroom posing for workplace photography
woman with glasses and red scarf with headset at call centre posing for corporate photography
two men having a meeting in corporate breakout space posing for lifestyle workplace photography
blonde middle aged woman in blue blouse smiling to camera for workplace photography
detail photograph of corporate signage on the ground
five people in boardroom meeting photographed through glass windows for lifestyle photoshoot
woman in boardroom meeting with two men gesturing with hands posing for workplace photoshoot
carpet swatches hanging photographed for detail photoshoot
woman sitting a meeting room table with laptop in blue room smiling at camera posing for photo
young woman in blue blouse writing on transparent whiteboard with colleagues looking posing for corporate photography
male and female lawyers walking down steps talking posing for branding photography
close up of city building with building reflections
young woman with compendium walking with trees behind her posing for photograph
young lawyers waiting for tram with headphones and compendium posing for branding photoshoot
tram stop with blurred trams and people walking with city background for annual report photography
b+w image of three staff members looking at tablet in meeting room with screens posing for lifestyle photography
black and white image of older blonde female architect working at draft table
young architects discussing in office
bearded man with glasses working at table with laptop in open office space
office employees working at table in large office space with laptop posing for office photography

Collaborative Planning

A tailored corporate lifestyle photoshoot for your brand that fits your outcomes. Imagery that highlights your staff, shows diversity, and features your services and offerings.

Digital Asset Management

We understand the need to have a place to store, catalogue and file your digital assets. We can work with you to find the right management system or work with your existing programs.

Design Friendly

We love working with design teams to get the best images to work with their web and print designs. We can create versatile images for all kinds of layouts and design options.


Our studio is conveniently situated just outside the CBD in Port Melbourne with loads of free parking and close to public transport. Whilst Melbourne is home, we service all major and regional cities around Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth.

Social Media Friendly

Whether it’s your LinkedIn page, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook page or latest online platform must-have, we provide you with professional, polished, high resolution image files in exactly the right size and format.

Understanding your brand

To get the right shots, we need to know your brand. What drives your staff to do their best, how they communicate with eachother and what you can offer your clients.

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