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Product Photography COVID-19

Is your business affected by the new Stage 4 shutdown requirements? Do you need to update your product photography to help you continue to sell to your customers? Do you need to strengthen your product photography to compete with your online competition? Does your online brand match your offline brand? Let us help you create images to get your online presence sorted.

Despite the current stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, Blue Tree Studios can still create fantastic product images for you during this challenging time. We have adjusted our setup so that we have 2 locations available for shooting products contact-free. Simply courier your product to us and we will photograph and return it back to you. We can setup a live connection so you can see what we’re photographing and provide feedback if required. Most importantly, we’ll create high quality images for your website that will help you convert your customers.

Having great images on your website is so important when trying to get customers to buy from you. Having a quality image gives confidence to your customers. They show that the quality of your product and service is great. They create the trust needed to click through the shopping cart and close the sale. A great image also provides the customer with the information they need to ensure that the features, colours and size of the product are exactly what they’re after.

We do have some size limitations due to the closure of our regular beautiful studio space (no cars or very large equipment) but we can handle most products comfortably. Think gift photography, homeware photography, furniture photography, book photography, food photography, industrial product photography, home fittings and fixtures photography, equipment photography, gadget photography, flatlay photography. Inquire now at https://www.bluetreestudios.com.au/contact/ or see more about our e-commerce and product photography solutions here https://www.bluetreestudios.com.au/ecommerce-photography/.

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