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Major Events

We’ll create standout images that help to tell the story of your business. We’ll look after the details and provide you with images that are easily used for marketing and communications. Perhaps you need images to communicate with customers, for sponsors, as a digital record of an event, or to help promote future events. Blue Tree Studios can provide a package of exceptional images to support your needs.

I highly recommend Blue Tree for any photography requirements. We use them to cover all our events and not only do they do a wonderful job with the photos but they do a brilliant job interacting with our staff and guests! An absolute pleasure to work with!

Sarah Roys, Event & Sponsorship Specialist, IAG

Our work

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V120 Perfect Events Miff 0196 Print
V120 Perfect Events Miff 0182 Print
V120 Perfect Events Miff 0168 Print
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W131 Onj Gala 3185 Print
W131 Onj Gala 3437 Print
W131 Onj Gala 2113 Print
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W131 Onj Gala 0163 Print
W131 Onj Gala 0149 Print
W131 Onj Gala 4030 Print
W131 Onj Gala 3585 Print
W030 Arnold Family Walk 74 Web 1500Px
W030 Arnold Family Walk 8236 Web 1500Px
W030 Arnold Family Walk 8072 2 Web 1500Px
W030 Arnold Family Walk 7980 Web 1500Px
W030 Arnold Family Walk 18 Web 1500Px
W030 Arnold Family Walk 63 Web 1500Px
Awisa Day 1 091 Hr
Awisa Day 1 052 Hr
Awisa Day 1 058 Hr
Awisa Day 1 132 Hr
Awisa Day 1 111 Hr
Awisa Day 1 115 Hr
Awisa Day 1 105 Hr
Awisa Day 1 017 Hr
Awisa Day 2 Pass 2 008 Hr
Awisa Day 2 Pass 2 003 Hr
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V038 5560 Print
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W191 Pe Pivot Geelong 1086
W191 Pe Pivot Geelong 0822
W191 Pe Pivot Geelong 0810
W191 Pe Pivot Geelong 1127
W191 Pe Pivot Geelong 1256
W191 Pe Pivot Geelong 1635

Experienced Photographers

Unobtrusive, professional, punctual and with great people skills. We understand that at your event we represent an extension of your business and act accordingly.

Superfast Turnaround

We’ll get you your images as quickly as you need them – period! Whatever format and resolution you need, we can deliver.

Photograph Any Size Events

We can provide a single photographer through to a large team to match the size of your event. Let us manage the photography logistics for your event.

Live Feed for Social Media

Need a live stream of images for Twitter, Facebook or to show attendees? We can process images whilst shooting and feed them in real time to you.

Online Gallery

We promptly provide you with images suitable for print and web use via a secure online gallery. Your images are always available and easy for you to find and distribute.

Get Flexible Licensing

We want you to use your images as much as possible and provide you with a flexible agreement allowing you to use them in any way you like for as long as you like.

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