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How do you engage customers to take the final step and engage with you? One of the most powerful ways is with a customer success story. Case studies & success stories let you showcase one customer's experience as an example of what to expect from you and your product or service. They give you the chance to address the challenges your target audience face, embrace the authenticity of a real client and ease any concerns potential customers may have.

At Blue Tree Studios we understand the customer journey and know how to craft that story into a compelling video experience that you can show to potential clients and partners and engage them with relevant content.

We pride ourselves in using the very best equipment to produce the highest quality videos for our clients and their businesses.

Video Case Studies

Product Deployment

Unify Services required a testimonial video to showcase a business solution to potential customers. This video was actively promoted via linkedin to generate sales leads for others with similar business needs.

Stakeholder Communications

Vichealth required an authentic and engaging video to communicate with a range of stakeholders about the successful outcomes in connecting local communities, farmers and food hubs on the Food Hub trial project.

Audience Engagement

Bluearth created this video to showcase the fantastic outcomes from the implementation of their Active Schools program in primary schools and to have a resource which could be shown to other schools keen to include their program.

Videos of Any Size

From a 30 second high impact promotion to a series of 10 x 5 minute instructional videos, we're only limited by you. Have tricky technical specifications? Just speak to us, we can help!

Experienced Team

Our creative video team will help you through all the steps - scripting, pre-production, voiceovers, music selection and editing, we'll make the process simple and efficient.

Production Team

The Blue Tree Studios team of producers, stylists, hair/makeup artists and models means we can assist you in bringing together any concept, either in studio or on location.

Quality Equipment

Utilising the most up-to-date equipment, Blue Tree Studios ensures the highest quality output for your campaign or project, with a fast turnaround and exceptional attention to detail.

Dedicated Studio Space

Our studio space is flexible and client friendly, with heating and air-conditioning, beautiful natural light, roller door access, all day free parking, full privacy and great coffee.

Get Flexible Licencing

Blue Tree Studios wants you to use your video as much as possible and provide you with a flexible agreement, allowing you to use them in nearly any way you like for as long as you like.

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