Commercial Photography Solutions for Sitetech Solutions

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Commercial Photography Solutions for Sitetech Solutions

Melbourne tradies and festival goers will be on the lookout for the Sitetech blue portables.

Commercial Photography in the outkirsts of Melbourne


There’s no need to fight Melbourne traffic when you’re on your way to do the first commercial photography shoot for Sitetech Solutions at 7am. These guys start early and get the benefit of a Melbourne sunrise and a fresh start to the day. With a vibrant blue sky and fresh green grass, the backdrop for our photography was perfect and the signature blue for Sitetech Solutions contrasted nicely and really popped in the setting.

We had an action packed day shooting a commercial setup at an up and coming housing estate, where a lot of builders use Sitetech for their security, fencing, and site solutions. Their products include:

  • Commercial fencing
  • Cage Gins and support stays
  • Printed site signage
  • Silt protection
  • Flexitech crossovers
  • Portable toilets


Each product needed to have images which highlighted it as a product, while also putting it into context of how it’s used on a bigger site. We loved having people interact with the products and their actions gave each image more life and connected it back with the company.

It was especially fun to set up for the fleet photograph, navigating each vehicle into place to show the range of vehicles they use, their size, branding and capabilities. Having a large open space to do this meant we had enough room to photograph the fleet for the best layout while also feeling nestled and balanced within the frame. Having a dynamic sky really made this photo pop.

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How to make Port-a-loos and Fencing Glamorous on a Photoshoot


I’d love to say that commercial photography branding shoots are all extremely glamorous, but when the driver pulls out that large hose to show how waste removal works, our job takes on a new description.  We’re here to make poo smell like roses in the visual sense. Not everyone will need to see this, but the people that do will appreciate the clean angles and clear internal direction, even if what’s inside that hose isn’t that clean.

When out on a commercial shoot, we try to not only cover the angles needed to showcase the product, but also give a range of formats that both web designers and print designers will like for their respective layouts. Shooting wide for banner cropping, verticals for mail outs and shooting with negative space for text layouts helps everyone involved in the branding process to get their job done efficiently and with more options.

Blue Tree Studios was able to offer a commercial photography solution, and we focused on creating great visual assets that the company could use in all their marketing material. The Sitetech brand was prominent in the imagery, and their products were photographed to reflect how they are used, installed and the team of people behind the company.

Commercial photography shoots are all unique as the products, intent and locations change each time, and our team finds creative solutions each time we shoot. We don’t mind travelling around Melbourne to shoot in the best locations, and each branding photoshoot is an opportunity to hone our skills. See more of our commercial photography projects today.

Check out Sitetech Solutions and the Thornbury Case Study we helped create. Or see their media solutions at SiteMedia Solutions.

People and brands are at the core of any business success and we are proud of both our brand and our team. Blue Tree have found a way to bring the energy and passion within the business to life through the lens of a camera and we are delighted with the results.

Erik Zimmerman | CEO | Sitetech Solutions

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