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Catandi Swimwear Shoot, Tips To Be Sunsafe

It’s that time of year again where the weather is warming up and the beach is beckoning. Nothing better than a relaxing day out with a good book and your favourite swimwear to get some much-needed vitamin D and relaxation. But one thing that most people either forget about is how to be sunsafe.

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We have put together the top 3 ways to be sunsafe when at the beach catching some rays.

  1. Wear a broad rimmed hat with 360 degree coverage, a hat with drawstrings is great for children as it prevents it from blowing off in the summer breeze.
  2. Wear a waterproof sun cream SPF 50+ is best for better protection
  3. Wear a rashie which is a UV protection which you can get from Catandi

Blue Tree Studios has been busy filming the amazing range of swimwear from Catandi for 2019 on location in Hampton with beautiful models from Giant Model Management.

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