Charlie’s Angels at Blue Tree Studios

Good morning angels (Good morning Charlie!),

Blue Tree Studios were excited to work with Simonds Homes recently for their new campaign, Gary’s Style Angels. The campaign imagines Simonds founder Gary Simonds as the elusive Charlie, begetting his three dazzling “style” angels unto the home-building world (provided by Chadwick Models and Slate Management). Each style angel represents Simonds’ Gold, Silver and Platinum home packages.

Both photo and video were completed in one action-packed day, with a fifteen-person crew working in our studio to bring Gary’s Style Angels to life. We employed a range of techniques and equipment (Broncolor lights, soft boxes, strip-lights, 3k LED lights) to achieve the ultra-polished, high-key studio look Simonds were after.

The hair and make-up team were delighted by the amount of natural light in our studio and our capacity to accomodate for their individual needs. The campaign’s creative director was equipped with an Eizo monitor to ensure seamless workflow processes, and as always, Blue Tree Studios were able to cater meals for the day; being so close to the foodie hub of Bay Street in Port Melbourne, our clients are spoiled for catering choices.

Mission accomplished, Angels.

Simondshomes Bts 1 1
Charlie’s angels at blue tree studios 1
Simondshomes Bts 2 1
Charlie’s angels at blue tree studios 2
Simondshomes Bts 3 1
Charlie’s angels at blue tree studios 3

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