eCommerce Photoshoot for Deeds Brewing


Out of the gates this week is a product photo shoot we did for Deeds Brewing for their online store selling Quiet Deeds beers. This is a fabulous example of product photography at its best. Online these cases of beer sell for around $80 a pop, worth every dollar…and we’re not just saying that! (Side note: pairs perfectly with a parma!)  

These refreshingly vivid product images will be sure to help them rake in the sales.

Deeds Brewery 1 Deeds Brewery 2 Deeds Brewery 3

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More about Deeds Brewing 

Located in Glen Iris, VIC, Deeds Brewing is an Australian craft brewery founded in January 2013 by the very likable Pat and Dave. Their business mission is to quietly and passionately brew quality craft beers that are worth sharing. Read more about their story today.  

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