Photographing the Graduating Class of 2018 Guide Dogs!

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Blue Tree Studios was invited back again to the Hawthorn Town Hall to photograph the Graduating class of 2018 Guide Dogs!

The event was organized by Perfect Events which made the day run like clockwork. The afternoon was MC-ed by the impressive Peter Hitchener from Channel 9.

We cheered on and congratulated all 75 of the dogs who have gone forward to fulfil positions in guiding, breeding, and ambassador duties as companions, pets as therapy and as PTSD dogs. They play a critical role in enabling people with impaired vision to get around safely and independently, so they can live the life they choose.

What Does it Take to Be a Guide Dog?

It takes two years and costs more than $35,000 to transform a playful puppy into a responsible Guide Dog.

Thanks to the generous and ongoing support of the general public, these Guide Dogs continue to be provided free of charge to anyone who needs them.

After 20 weeks of intensive training, the potential Guide Dogs take their final test. Before graduating, each dog will be tested on their ability to:

  • Work in the presence of distractions such as food and noises.
  • Navigate obstacles.
  • Travel on public transport.
  • Find landmarks such as traffic lights and locate destinations.

After passing this rigorous test, each dog then takes part in a graduation ceremony like this one, where their puppy raisers and sponsors will come to see them officially graduate as a Guide Dog.

Who’s a good dog!

Event Photography Worth Wagging Your Tail Over

We were commissioned by Guide Dogs to give the event a complete visual coverage with multiple photographers covering every angle of the event.

All participants were recorded receiving all their awards through the day and also a media wall was set up to record all the dedicated people who help this  amazing event come together.

In conjunction with the Guide Dogs, Blue Tree also provided a solution to give all people a printed photo on the day with their beloved guide dogs to treasure, by taking the studio with all the flash lighting to the town hall.

Straight to Social Media From Your Event Photographer

Speedy turnaround for social media is so important as is getting high resolution files to all interested parties out soon as possible maximising the PR that can be generated from the day, which will in turn lead to future successes in the event growth.

Hopefully the awareness will also generate an uplift of donations which keep this fantastic organisation going full steam ahead and continuing to grow each year on year and fostering the mission statement to provide high quality training and support for Victorians with low vision or blindness to maximise their independence and ensure each person fulfils their potential.

Some Photos of the Event

To everyone who wasn’t there, see below for the photo highlights!

Ambassador dog Rafa is lying down in his orange ambassador coat alongside one of the Graduation Day programs. Karen Hayes and Peter Hitchener stand in front of an orange wall with pictures of Guide Dogs. They are standing with ambassador dogs Rafa and Willow.

Pic 5     Pic 3     Pic 2

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