LinkedIn Workshops – Learning on the Job!

Recently we were pleased to do a little on the job learning – taking quality event photographs and learning how to improve our LinkedIn profiles at the same time!

Blue Tree Studios has been commissioned many times to document these amazing full day workshops on Linkedin by Megan Edwards from mWords.

They are very small groups and people really seem to get a lot out of them with Megan’s in-depth knowledge of all the hidden features and benefits and really get to optimise their profile to the fullest.

LinkedIn is one of first places people look when they want to know more about you. Today, it’s not only your online business card, it’s also rapidly becoming the social media equivalent of your website’s About Us page. But to work, it has to be used strategically. And that means having a strong profile and presence.

If you’re interested in improving your LinkedIn presence and learning more about its functionality, why not check out the upcoming workshops (held in Melbourne CBD and Chadstone)? And remember, if your LinkedIn profile photo needs a bit of an update, we’re here to provide you with a fresh, polished and professional portrait.

About the LinkedIn Workshops

This 1-day hands-on LinkedIn training workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Learn the rules of the game on LinkedIn – and how to apply them
  • Boost lead generation and lead quality
  • Optimise your personal profile and know how to stand out
  • Be seen: grow your market presence and reach
  • Build authority and thought leadership
  • Grow a network that aligns with your goals
  • Design a simple yet powerful content strategy

About mWords

mWords believes great content marketing is something every business can achieve. Their goal is simple: to help you communicate and share your expertise in a way that your customers not only relate to, but feel inspired to act on!  THey’ve worked with many businesses on a range of strategic, tactical and creative projects.

Event photos

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