What to Expect When Having Your Business Portrait Taken

PortraitAt Blue Tree Studios one of our top service offerings is business portrait photography. It is an area of expertise for our team of professional photographers. With a vast amount of experience in portrait photography, we are well versed in a range of skills that will make your business portrait stand out from the rest and give you the edge you need to bring out your best side.

We have vast knowledge and experience in business portrait photography and we also have packages available to suit your business requirements. We offer portrait photography services for both online and offline uses. Our photographers create spectacular professional photographs which we can make available to you by CD, USB or Online.

Our portrait photographer will help you to relax and feel at ease. The process is explained to you each step of the way, so you know what to expect and you will be coached on how to sit, stand or model. Blue Tree Studios staff will help you to angle your face to get the best light for your unique facial shape and body type. We will take a few shots so that you’ll have multiple results. Minor adjustments can be made to each photo taken. A number of photos may be taken until Blue Tree Studios is satisfied that you, your employee or business colleague will be happy with a specific shot.

What setting will be used getting business portraits done?

Some portrait photographs take longer as there is a background to control. The light must also be arranged so that the photo is perfectly composed. We do full, ¾ or half-length portrait photography. The extra time will be used to make you relax and sculpt your face or body with light. A few shots will be taken, with each shot after a little adjustment, so that the there are multiple shots to pick from. Some subjects prefer to have their arms, torso and legs to be included in the photo, but either way we’ll make sure an excellent picture is chosen as the result.

Team photos take a little longer than individual photos. It depends on the number of people and how they gel as team members – usually we make it quite a fun experience! Expect some time to be spent on coaching and arranging the team members into a pleasing composition. All group members are provided equal amounts of light. The camera is linked to a laptop for instant feedback.

How should you employees behave when getting portrait photography

It’s our firm belief that you and your employees must be happy with how they appear on the company website or on any publicity material. Therefore, Blue Tree Studios has developed a process which transforms a boring day into a fun filled one.

Contact us for premium portrait photography services. Our charges are reasonable. Blue Tree Studios will help you to tailor business portrait photography services to satisfy your exacting requirements.

Need an corporate portrait photographer?

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