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The professional corporate headshot has come a long way in the last five years, and if yours hasn’t been updated in the last two years then it may be looking dated. Corporate portraits have multiple uses in modern business, from your LinkedIn page, the Our Team page on your website, to identifying key staff in tender documents, or providing images for keynote speakers at conferences.

We specialise in corporate portraits for medium to large businesses, with a number of outstanding solutions to ensure consistency in visual style across multiple offices and over time.  For teams, where staff are often added or moved in your business, we offer our unique “Light Bulb” approach to team and group photos – it’s as easy to add or remove staff as it is to change a light bulb.

We also offer individual portraits for small businesses, individuals looking to change jobs, new graduates and those looking for portfolio shots for modelling and acting.  We also create personal branding portraits for those wanting a unique look that will help them build their personal brand online.

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Headshot Photography Near You

First impressions are everything. At Blue Tree Studios, our headshots are perfectly crafted to satisfy your target audience. Headshot photographers partner with you so you get exactly what you need. Your professional headshot will be perfect for public relations portraits or for professional social media networks like LinkedIn.

Blue Tree Studios professional headshot services are interactive and fun. Your professional headshot will encapsulate your desired character. We will help you with direction, styling, and posing using the tricks of the trade to ensure your headshots come out looking the best. You will be assisted to select the correct image so that the headshot photography communicates the correct message to your audience. Our professional headshots photographer will give you the photo you need for job hunting, interviewing, to begin a new business or to simply update your image in professional networks.

Our express service will not take up half your day. You can breeze in and move out in as little time as 15 minutes. Come individually or come in big groups. Your images will be swiftly processed and given to you.

Our Headshot Photography Process

Headshot photography with Blue Tree Studios is interactive and lots of fun. We understand not everybody prefers a formal photograph. You will be given ample tips and hints, so the final result will be a professional headshot that you can use across multiple channels and purposes.

Our photographers are highly experienced, with a number of winning images under their belts. You do not have to worry about anything. They will ensure your confident and relaxed image shines through every corporate headshot.

A good headshot photo is similar to an investment. Corporate images can help you to go farther in your future. These photos impact your career and your business. It is important to get your style right for your professional headshots.

With retouching, you will always look your best. We will reduce wrinkles and remove spots if needed/requested so you look flattering and authentic. We professionally retouch multiple professional headshot portraits.


Blue Tree Studios offers a bouquet of professional headshot packages. These are made in multiple formats like LinkedIn, websites, photo print and commercial print like brochures and flyers. You will be emailed digital images or they can be downloaded from a secure online gallery.

At Blue Tree Studios, we want you to get the best professional headshots. If you have any questions, we are here to help. Get in touch with use by phone, text, or email. We will be delighted to talk to you. Fill out the form or email us and we will call you back.

Multi Person Group Portrait Melbourne



Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait 001 1


Group Portraits Teams Blue Tree Studios 001 1


Blue Tree Studios have provided corporate photography for our staff for a number of years and our staff have really enjoyed their experience each time.

Melinda Pantelis | Office Manager | Performance Wealth Group

Our Corporate Portrait Photography

Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait City 2 1 E1597042274587
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait City 1 1 E1597041827956
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Emmets 003
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Emmets 002
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Emmets 001
Melbourne Headshots Full Body Portrait 4
Melbourne Headshots Full Body Portrait 3
Melbourne Headshots Full Body Portrait 2
Melbourne Headshots Full Body Portrait 1
Melbourne Corporate Portrait Office 1 E1600243228837
Melbourne Corporate Portrait Office 2 E1600243187707
20121022 Twe 0062 E1600243285163
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Sunshine 2
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Sunshine 1 E1597109973628
Tixstar Group 2 Hr E1600243299546
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Female Workplace 1 E1600243323168
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Female Workplace 2 E1600243314449
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Lawyers 8
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Lawyers 6
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Lawyers 7
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Lawyers 4
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Lawyers 2
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Lawyers 1
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Lawyers 5
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Lawyers 3
20150220 Groundmaster Group 0006 Edit E1600243358934
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Female Brick Wall Workplace 1
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Female Colourful 1 E1597112958821
Versatile New Background Portrait 1
Versatile New Background Portrait 2
Versatile New Background Portrait 3
Versatile New Background Portrait 4
Versatile New Background Portrait 5
Versatile New Background Portrait 6
Corporate Group Photos Melbourne 3
Corporate Group Photos Melbourne 1 E1600243430705
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Female 1
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Female 4
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Female 2
Corporate Photos Melbourne 2 E1597109761114
Corporate Photos Melbourne 3
Corporate Photos Melbourne 1
Women Female Portraits Melbourne Corporate 1 E1600243492151
Women Female Portraits Melbourne Corporate 2 E1597118229283
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Lawyers 4 E1600243521267
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Lawyers 2 E1600243539692
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Lawyers 1 E1600243548944
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Lawyers 3 E1600243530349
Mertons Group 3 Blue E1600243561383
Corporate Headshots Melbourne New Path 1
Corporate Headshots Melbourne New Path 2
Corporate Headshots Melbourne New Path 3
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Relaxed 1 1 E1597042922450
Corporate Headshots Melbourne Portrait Relaxed 2

Express Portrait Photos

A corporate portrait doesn’t need to take up half your day. Our express service can have you in and out within 15 minutes, but still with a superior quality, high resolution photograph that will perfectly suit your needs.

Our place or yours

Come to our studio for a quick portrait or we'll come to you to take consistent & efficient photos for groups. For a fun team building exercise, bring your team to the studio & we’ll create an awesome experience for your staff!

Fast Photo Turnaround

We know when it comes to getting photos after an event or delivering a project, time is of the essence. We’ll get you your images delivered to you just as quickly as you need them – period!


Our studio is conveniently situated just outside the CBD in Port Melbourne with loads of free parking and close to public transport. Whilst Melbourne is home, we service all major and regional cities around Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth.

Social Media Friendly

Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook page or latest online platform must-have, we provide your professional, polished, high resolution profile photo file in exactly the right size and format.


We all know team shots are great, until someone joins or leaves. With our 'lightbulb' approach to group photos there’s no need to find time to get everyone together for a new shoot. We just photograph the new person and add them in - as easy as changing a lightbulb.

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